BTSの国連総会演説、"Permission to Dance"が流される中、映像を見つめるメンバーたち。 リーダーのRMさんが率先してマスクをつけ、他のメンバーたちもすぐにそれに続きました。若者の模範となるような行動だと感じました。 PCのタイプ音、すみません。急いで作業しておりました。

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多忙の中素敵な映像レボをありがとうございます🙏 こういう細かな事を知れて嬉しいし😭 ウリリーダーに続くメンバー達がほんと愛しい😭💕💕 #BTS @BTS_twt

2021-09-21 01:06:38

And this is why they're such amazing inspiration and example

2021-09-21 01:07:04

wear your mask!

2021-09-21 01:08:33

Our pride #방탄소년단RM #RM #김남준 #Namjoon #BTS @BTS_twt

2021-09-21 01:08:40

김남준 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜ 기자회견때 물병 내리던거 생각나네 ㅠㅠㅠ

2021-09-21 01:08:50

演説が終了したら直ぐにマスクをつけ感染対策。一つ一つの行動がいい意味でも悪い意味でも影響力が大きい芸能人にとって若者の模範となる行動をとれるウリバンタンすごい #BTS #国連総会 #UNGA #BTS_twt #BTSatUNGA #BTSARMY #YouthToday #YourStories #バンタン

2021-09-21 01:24:12

they were saying that while watching PTD performance on screen,namjoon took initiative to wear first his mask which is followed by every member one by one. They believe that it was a great example set for young generation (as to wear masks,keep them & others safe).

2021-09-21 01:24:53

Accg to the translation, this clip shows BTS watching their pre-recorded PTD performance. Namjoon is the first one to put on back his face mask to which the other members followed right after. OP mentioned that they felt it was an action that would serve as a model for the youth

2021-09-21 01:30:58

‘Permission to Dance 영상이 나오자 리더인 RM이 먼저 마스크를 쓰고 다른 멤버들도 바로 이어서 마스크를 썼다. 젊은이들의 모범이 될 만한 행동이었다고 생각한다’ 라는 대략적인 내용

2021-09-21 01:37:07

Displaying professionalism after their speeches, which we all found inspiring and empowering. This video clip shows how swiftly the BTS members put on their masks afterward. A keen observation as well as an vital reminder.

2021-09-21 01:37:54

Thank you for sharing with us #BTSatUNGA

2021-09-21 01:40:06

映像を見つめる彼らの 貴重な映像を共有していただき ありがとうございます。

2021-09-21 01:46:12

أثناء مشاهدة أداء PTD ، أخذ نامجون زمام المبادرة لوضع قناعه ، وتبع الأعضاء الآخرون الدعوى على الفور. Op يعتقد أن هذا كان عملًا مثاليًا للشباب

2021-09-21 02:02:57

아름다운 리더와 방탄소년단ㅜ

2021-09-21 02:07:26

“리더, RM이 먼저 마스크를 끼자, 다른 멤버들도 곧 뒤이어 마스크를 착용했습니다. 청년의 모범이 될 만한 행동이라고 느껴졌어요.” 세계에서 칭찬받는 우리 BTS! 한편 이렇게 모든 행동에 의미를 부여받아 버거울 만도 한데, 잘 견뎌줘서 고맙기도 하네요.

2021-09-21 02:15:18


2021-09-21 02:28:58

i JUST finished crying

2021-09-21 02:34:07

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